K. Ulrich Schneider is working on the intersection of analog and digital art forms - exploring their relationships and overlaps. His work is created using techniques from acrylic paint to 3D-Software on media ranging from canvas to display. Schneider focuses on the perception of digital art in the analog world and possible transfer-processes between the two. Visually his work often presents as a combination of controlled and random elements - exploring the aesthetics found in partly or fully uncontrolled structures and processes.
- Exhibitions -

From the Loop II
feat. Judith Shu Ritter

03.01.2022 - 27.01.2022
Daily 4 - 7 pm or with appointment.

Galerie Textor74
Textorstraße 74
60594 Frankfurt am Main
Augmented Bahnhofsviertel
Neon Organisms III

AR Exhibit

Augmented Bahnhofsviertel (Website)
Artwork (Direct Link)
From the Loop I

18.09.2020 - 28.09.2020
Daily 11am - 3 pm or with appointment.

Kulturhaus Freitagsküche
Mainzer Landstraße 105 HH
60329 Frankfurt am Main
Neon Organisms II

20.10.2019 - 21.10.2019
Video Installation

Superblak / LowFilms
Gutleutstraße 47
60329 Frankfurt am Main